Margaret River’s Iconic Wine Tours!

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The Fleet

Explore Margaret River in Style + Comfort...

If you’re going to explore the exquisite drops of Margaret River, then you might as well do it right!  Relax and enjoy your day as you cruise the vines in the style and comfort of one of the five vehicles that make up the Wine for Dudes fleet!  Our vehicles include:

  • 6-passenger luxury 200-series Toyota Sahara Land Cruiser
  • 11-passenger luxury 2020 Toyota Hiace Commuter
  • 13-passenger Toyota Hiace Commuters (x2)
  • 21-passenger Toyota Coaster

All vehicles are used for our group tours, however depending on availability they can also be privately chartered to celebrate your own special occasion!

200-series Toyota Sahara Landcruiser


If you’re after something a little bit special, then our luxury  200-series Sahara Landcruiser is the bees knees! Perfect for small groups and VIP airport transfers between Perth and Margaret River. This vehicle features everything you could desire including Air Conditioning, paparazzi-proof tints, surround sound stereo, individual climate control, leather reclining seats, sun roof, DVD player and heaps more!

Toyota Hiace Commuters (x2)

11-passengers  (each)

Our newest babies to join the dudes fleet are our 2022 + 2020  Toyota Hiace Commuters.  Featuring all the luxuries you’d expect from a new vehicle, including an extra long wheel base with less seats, meaning you’ll have way more space to stretch out… and stow an abundance of wine purchases! You’ve also got targeted air conditioning, paparazzi-proof tints, surround sound stereo, reclining seats and of course a sun roof.

Toyota Hiace Commuters (x2)

13-passengers (each)

Yes, we’ve got two of these dudes in our fleet… a silver one and a white one! They’re super comfy to travel in with air conditioning, tinted windows, surround sound stereo, and comfy reclining seats.

Our Big Boy


The largest member of our fleet family is our 21-passenger Toyota Coaster.  Its high roof and long aisle make it the perfect stage for stand up comedy, catwalks, irish jigs and all sorts of what-goes-on-tour-stays-on-tour shenanigans!  Fully air conditioned, with a fabulous surround sound stereo, and karaoke machine …oh, I mean tour guide mic!