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2010 Telstra Business Award West Australian Finalists
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wine for dudes  
About Us & History

Owner/Operator John O’Connor, and his partner Kirsty Drummond, are behind the wheel of Margaret River’s most innovative and exciting wine tour company.

The idea of Wine for Dudes tours initiated in Europe, when former owner, Cathy Willcox, was working in Italy.  There, wine is for everybody!  Go down to the local restaurant for lunch and you’ll see that it is booked out with tradesmen having a two course lunch and sloshing it down with wine – everyday!  It is a beautiful way to live, yet something only business people on a Friday afternoon tend to enjoy here in Australia. 

We believe wine should be simple, fun, approachable, and a part of everyday life!  Having a good time with it rather than using it for status, it’s not just for special occasions, it should be incorporated into how we live, basically, keeping it honest.  Wine for Dudes was created to break-down the intimidating barriers that prevent people from really enjoying wine on a day to day basis.

We present regional wine, gourmet food, and beer producers through education, in a non-pretentious and enjoyable environment, which we believe furthers the appreciation of the complexities and pleasures of wine, to encourage responsible drinking.

We are passionate about the Margaret River region, and all the excitements it has to offer, and incorporate this into our flexible and personalised tours, where you may find yourself on a detour to the beach to watch the latest swell come in, or off the beaten track to check out some of the awesome mountain-bike trails in the area.

John purchased Wine for Dudes in 2007, with just one van.  Upgrades to the fleet now see us with a 21-passenger coaster, two 13-passenger commuter vans, and our most recent edition, a 6-passenger luxury Toyota Sahara.  

Wine for Dudes continues to thrive with its targeted market being the Generation X & Y’s, and the unperturbed older generation who aren’t afraid to keep hold of their sense of youth!

John O’Connor - Owner Operator
My fascination and experience with wine began… 
Between high school and university I began working at my local winery, Preston’s Kiwifruit Winery/Mills Reef.  The Preston’s Kiwifruit winery label has won best New Zealand fruit winery on numerous occasions.  This winery helped to fund the Mills Reef Premium Winery, twice winner of ‘Best New Zealand Producer’ and winner of the trophy at the London international wine show for their Syrah.
Kirsty Drummond - Chief Dudette!

Behind every good man, is a hard working woman!  With an extensive corporate career in marketing and tourism, my perfect relationship match, came with a perfect business partner.

Kirstys bubbly, caring and friendly personality sees a genuine care for every customer she looks after; and her OCD ensures the rest of us are kept in line.

Always up for a laugh and a wine, 'Thirsty Kirsty' creates a fantastic environment for the dudes team!

Tour Drivers

Uncle Wayno continues to cruise the vines with "Waynes World of Wine".  A unique experience for all who travel with him!  With a wealth of Tourism Industry experience behind him, a love and passion for wine and the Margaret River region, and being quite the local surf guru of Yallingup, a day out with Wayno is a day like no other!

Wine for Dudes welcome back to the team Angie.  Having worked for us a number of years ago, Angie took off on the adventure of a lifetime to travel the world!  Now back on her home turf, Angie loves all things Margaret River including the surf, adventure, tourism and wine!!



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